Verifone vx610

vx610 Summary

Verifone vx610

Verifone vx610

The vx610 is a counter top credit card machine that’s fashioned for the long haul. It can encryption, decryption and payment processing at high speeds. How does it work at high speeds? It’s fast because of its powerful CPU processor and its memory. But the vx610 is not just fast. There’s likewise NFC or near field communications. This allows your customer waive their smart phone near your vx610 to offer you their payment. So what does all this mean? This implies you’ll get a tough credit card that does the job fast. If you need more speed from your credit card machine you can add memory. What’s more is that you’re likewise prepared for NFC (Near Field Communications) payment instruments. What are these? These are things such as Apple Pay. Let’s dig into more information.


Fast Processing:

Quicker checkout speeds enable you to get through more sales and get consumers on their way more quickly. In case you have a line of customers you’ll appreciate the speed. Even if you don’t have a line of customers around the clock, you’ll value how fast the transaction can be processed. Nobody likes to keep customers waiting.

Easy to Use:

The Counter top system is designed for simple use and includes a backlit screen and keypad for all lighting effects situations. This makes it easy to see. Suppose you’re in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, art gallery or even a farmers market where there is dark lighting. Even in the dark the vx610 will be backlit so that your buyer can see the screen and how much they need to pay you. There are big buttons on the side so that the customer can conveniently enter their PIN number.

All set for the Long term:

EMV, NFC are made it possible for along with card swipe.
What’s more is that the device is almost future proof. What’s this mean? Well right now there is a lot of talk about how credit cards have been added to Apple Pay, PayPal and other types of electronic wallets. You simply want to take the payment without the trouble of finding out all about Apple Pay. So don’t stress. The vx610 is ready for you. There’s additionally alternatives for loyalty and gift cards. So which ever way the payment industry goes you’ll be able to approve payments from your customers.



This can be a high priced device. Usually it will be $200 or less. You’ll want to shop around online to get the best deal. It will still run you over a $100. But you’ll get a credit card machine that you’ll have for a while. It’s really not worth renting the machine. It’s a little expensive but you’ll save money by not renting. But if your payment processor offers you a totally free vx610 be sure to take them up on their offer. Also get free programming from your payment processor.

vx610 Specifications

Product Measurements: 10.5 x 7.5 x 3.3 inches
Item Weight: 2.5 pounds
Item model number: M252-653-A3-NAA-3

vx610 Details

The vx610 is taken into consideration to be one of the fastest and most trustworthy terminals available. It offers easy-to-use features that you and your customers will find basic and easy. We’ve looked around and we see this particular terminal in several retail stores. This is a countertop terminal that does not take up a lot of counter space. It takes chip credit cards (EMV) and also allows card swipes. It’s enabled for tap and pay payments such as Apple Pay and others. The buttons are big and sturdy for customers to use. The backlit screen display is understandable and basic.

vx610 Features

EMV and also contactless card features make sure that you can accept a range of cards and smart phone app payments.

High-speed Internet connection

It takes a high speed internet connection and this is what you want. This will help you complete a transaction quicker and not keep customers waiting. It’s also got dial-up backup in case you lose your internet. This dial-up connection is also pretty fast. It serves as a great backup if your internet connection fails.

Easy-to-read White Backlit Display

Restaurants, bars, and even many other types of retail areas may have low lighting for environment. It supplies high exposure even in lower light problems with a backlit screen display. The font style sizes are big and show up in bold black colors on a white screen. This is the simplest color scheme for customers to see the amount and what they need to pay.

Ergonomic Design with a Tiny Footprint

Counter area is crucial. This device takes up hardly any of it. You can put this in a small area.

PCI PED 2.0 security standard

PCI PED 2.0 is a PCI security standard. This exceeds industry demands for customer data security.

500MB standard memory

The tool has 500MB of memory already installed. This is a lot of memory but you can add more if you need to. Adding memory is simple. However you can contact your payment processor for assistance if you need it.

Built-in printer

What’s wonderful concerning this credit card machine is that it provides customer receipts without extra equipment. Quick-release, transparent printer paper door loads paper promptly and successfully to keep transactions relocating efficiently.


A complete variety of connectivity options, from dial to dial plus Ethernet, with an optional battery permits the vx610 to go anywhere you go. A distinctively made communication port area beneath the device keeps countertops cool and also devoid of mess.

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